FARO® Sphere XG

$2,890.00 USD

Connect your world, Anytime, Anywhere.

A one-stop ecosystem that connects hardware and real-time for today’s global economy. FARO® Sphere is a cloud-based information platform that provides the most efficient exchange of data possible — including remote collaboration on 3D projects. Sphere offers a centralized, collaborative user experience across FARO point cloud applications and service-oriented platforms through a secure, single-point sign-on (SSO) process.

Fully customizable, FARO Sphere allows users to view data, perform measurements, add annotations, export areas of interest into various formats, and import CAD/BIM files to complete visual comparisons between the design (CAD) and the reality capture 3D data. Central storage provides enhanced security, multi-user access, and organizational efficiency.



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Ideal for multiple projects with advanced user management and expanded user/feature capabilities; a great product for small groups.


  • 1-Year Subscription with 1 workspace of choice on FARO Sphere (AWS Cloud) – upgradable to a 3-Year Subscription
  • 1 TB Storage (not expandable)
  • Advanced permissions for up to 5 users
  • Unlimited number of users with viewing rights

*Requires SCENE (LT) and acceptance of the License Agreement

FARO Sphere is also available as an Enterprise Solution with 2.5 TB expandable storage and 10+ User permissions. Ideal for multiple, complex projects, expanded feature capabilities with an unlimited number of users, all supported with single sign-on, essential for companies looking to manage hundreds of users with their company logins.




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