As the market leader in SLAM technology, GeoSLAM handheld LiDAR scanners make capturing geospatial data from the world around us easy. With long-range, high accuracy go-anywhere mapping, GeoSLAM technology is adaptable to all industries allowing you to scan, visualize and process data simultaneously. As a result, GeoSLAM improves your company’s efficiency, saves money, creates unbiased progress reports, and provides valuable data to help resolve any disputes.

Fast and Effective Data Capture

  • Capture and model data up to 10 times faster
  • Complete projects in minimal time with little to no disruption to the project site
  • Lightweight and compact design make ZEB-series scanners easy to use.
  • Mobile mapping captures scans while on the move – whether handheld or mounted to vehicles, poles, or drones.
  • Access challenging spaces without the need for GPS
  • Build highly accurate 3D point clouds within minutes
  • Automatic registration of multiple scans and geo-referencing using GeoSLAM Connect included with each system
  • Import and manipulate data from any GeoSLAM device
  • Track and record progress against a 3D model and generate clear progress reports with visualizations
  • Quick and easy workflows with ‘drag and drop’ functionality
  • Universal file formats (LAZ/LAS/PLY/TXT/e57)
  • Optional Draw Packages: Start, Plan, BIM, Mining, and Pro can be purchased separately


Quick-release UAV Mount, Cradle and Pole for difficult spaces, Car Mount for data collection up to 30mph, ZEB Pano for 360 panoramic imagery, ZEB Cam to apply texture to point clouds and mesh, Backpack frame.


Technical SpecificationZEB GoZEB Revo RTZEB Horizon
Range30m (features <15m)30m (features <15m)100m
LaserClass 1 / ^905nmClass 1 / ^905nmClass 1 / ^903nm
FOV360 x 270360 x 270360 x 270
Protection ClassIP64IP54IP54
ProcessingPostReal TimePost
Data Logger CarrierBackpackShoulder PackBackpack or Shoulder Strap
Scanner Weight950g1.05kg1.45kg
Datalogger Weight (incl. battery)1.7kg1.4kg1.4kg
Colorized Point CloudYes^Yes^Yes*
Scanner Points Per Second43,00043,000300,000
No. of Sensors1116
Relative Accuracy1-3cm^^Up to 6mm**Up to 6mm**
Raw Data File Size100MB/min100MB/min100-200MB/min
^With ZEB Cam ^^Environment dependant

*with ZEB Vision **When processing data in GeoSLAM Connect V2

GeoSLAM Connect

GeoSLAM Connect is a powerful, flexible software platform used to configure, process, and manage data generated by ZEB-series handheld scanners. Connect uses GeoSLAM’s leading SLAM algorithm for visualization, processing, filtering, and workflow automation.

Combine with one of GeoSLAM’s Draw packages for quick extraction of 2D plans from 3D point cloud data, and GeoSLAM Connect offers a complete solution for all your data processing needs.

Automated Point Cloud Processing with Smart Analytics

  • Automate your data processing with customizable workflow scripts
  • Visualize data using the Connect 3D Application
  • Point clouds can be colored by time, elevation, RGB, or custom single color
  • Pointcloud filtering by point decimation or range
  • Manage ever-increasing amounts of data and collect data as often as you need it
  • Remote field-to-office data transfer
  • Solve industry-specific problems
  • Store data on a company network or in a project collaboration tool like Google Drive, Dalux, BIM360, or Viewpoint 4projects
  • Smartphone imagery and notes app (Android) for additional data to help interpret point clouds
  • Optional Draw Packages: Start, Plan, BIM, Mining, and Pro


Jackson Square bubbleview path in GeoSLAM Connect



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