DotProduct develops high-performance, easy-to-use solutions for capturing 3D data. With cross-platform and cross-sensor compatibility, their products provide high-quality spatial data instantly, making them ideal for mobile professionals. DotProduct hardware is compatible with Windows and Android devices equipped with DPI/Intel® RealSense™ 3D cameras. In addition, the DotProduct range offers a variety of products suitable for all project scanning needs and budgets. Each kit requires a Dot3D Pro license (sold separately).

Capture color 3D data with complete freedom of motion


  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Android 7 and up.
  • Generate accurate and reliable results in complex environments
  • Point cloud data is reviewed and edited immediately on the tablet
  • Export straight to industry-standard color point cloud formats
  • Compatible with the optional DPI Light Kit, DPI Extension Kit, and Accuscale-DP Scale Bar Kit


The DPI-10 & DPI-10SR are only compatible with Microsoft Surface Go 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Each unit has the DP-calibrated PrimeSense Carmine 3D camera embedded into the dual-grip housing and comes complete with a rugged carrying case. Designed for large rooms, scenes, and versatility across varying scan areas, the DPI-10 has a 2-12ft scanning range with an accuracy of 2-5mm. Its counterpart, the DPI-10SR, is the short-range version best used for scanning equipment, objects, and tight spaces. It has a 1-6ft scanning range with an accuracy of 2-4mm.

The complete solution for instant, accurate, handheld 3D capture

  • Multi-sensor compatibility (PrimeSense, Intel RealSense™)
  • Direct sunlight scanning capabilities with the addition of an Intel® RealSense™ camera
  • Windows OS support available for Microsoft Surface Go or Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  • Significant increase in single scene capture size (up to 160 million points)
  • HD photo capture functionality
  • Semi-automatic registration of multiple DP scans via April Tags

The DPI-X (2-12ft range/accuracy of 2-5mm) and DPI-XSR (1-6ft range/accuracy of 2-4mm) are smaller, mountable versions of the DPI-10 series. These units, fitted with the same DP-calibrated PrimeSense Carmine 3D cameras, can mount to a broader range of supported tablets and phones. Kits include a soft, protective nylon case.

Small, lightweight and budget-conscious

  • Secure mounting via Rokform mounting technology
  • Compatible with the iOgrapher Multi Case
  • Lightweight, ideal for attaching to extension pole kits
  • A more comprehensive range of device compatibility
  • Less expensive than the DPI-10 series

Intel®RealSense™ D415

  • Well suited for high accuracy 3D scanning applications.
  • Highest depth quality per degree.
  • Integrated RGB sensor for facial authentication, 3D scanning, or volumetric capture.
  • Lightweight, powerful and low-cost.

Intel®RealSense™ D455

  • Integrates vision processor, stereo depth module, RGB sensor with color image signal processing, and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).
  • Designed for easy setup and portability.
  • Improved environmental awareness for robotics and drones.
  • Longer range for better collision avoidance.
  • Tightly integrated RGB and depth streams for better quality scanning.

Intel®RealSense™ L515

  • Power-efficient, high-resolution, high-accuracy camera was optimized for indoor use.
  • Mounts easily to any android device.
  • Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand
  • Rapidly moving objects are captured with minimal blur.


Intel RealSense Cameras

Intel RealSense D415 CameraIntel RealSense D455 CameraIntel RealSense L515 Camera
Ideal Range.5m to 3m (1.6ft to 9.8ft)0.6m to 6m (1.9ft to 19.6ft)0.25m to 9m (0.8ft to 25.5ft)
Depth Resolution1280px x 720px 1280px x 720px 1024px x 768px
Frame Rate@ 90fps@ 90fps@ 30fs
Dimensions99mm x 20mm x 23mm124mm x 26mm x 29mm61mm dia, 26mm thick
EnvironmentIndoor / OutdoorIndoor / OutdoorIndoor



Dot3D™ is a professional-grade 3D scanning app with measurement, editing, annotation, and post-processing capabilities. Designed for DotProduct scanners, it is available for download onto Android phones and tablets (version 7 and up) or Windows tablets (version 10 and up) equipped with DPI/Intel® RealSense™ 3D cameras. Scan data is then exportable to multiple color point cloud formats. In addition, Dot3D™ comes in various options, allowing the user to determine the level of functionality required for their projects.

A complete professional solution for accurate 3D capture and editing


  • Powerfully capable 3D capture solution for the Intel® RealSense™ D415, D455 and L515
  • Unlimited HD photo capture allows you to add high-resolution detail to your scans with 3D viewpoints
  • More extensive scene capture, up to 160 million points, with compatible hardware (Windows recommended)
  • Advanced targeting and optimization capabilities obtain the most accurate and reliable results
  • Dot3D™ Pro is available in perpetual or subscription license plans


Dot3D™ Pro

  • 3D scanning app for the DPI-10, DPI-10SR, DPI-X, and DPI-XSR kits
  • Capture dense, full-color 3D data in indoor or outdoor environments
  • All Dot3D measurement, editing, annotation, and post-processing capabilities included
  • Export to 10 different color point cloud formats for maximum compatibility with your workflows
  • Direct export to DP, E57, RCS, LAS, LAZ, PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG, POD (RCS & POD Win. Only)


Dot3D™ X

3D scanning, measurement, and editing within the Dot3D ecosystem

  • Includes all Dot3D Pro capture and editing capabilities
  • Only exports to DPX format – can not be opened outside Dot3D
  • DOES NOT export to DP, E57, LAS, LAZ, PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG, POD, RCS, or other standard formats


Dot3D™ Lite

  • Scene capture, up to 20 million points per scan
  • HD photo capture during scanning – limited to 3 photos per scan
  • Includes 3D cropping, measurement, editing, annotation, and post-processing capabilities
  • Exportable to DP, PTS, and PLY color point cloud formats only
  • Upgrade to Dot3D Pro for advanced targeting, calibration, and registration functionality

Dot3D™ Edit

Multi-platform point cloud productivity tool for DotProduct scan data

Full-function (.DP) file viewer and editor with data optimization for Windows and Android

  • Ultra-precise point-to-point measurements with draggable endpoints
  • 3D annotation capabilities for tagging 3D locations and information
  • Intuitive 3D multi-crop functionality on PC or tablet
  • Highly accurate point picking options with crosshair-based point selection
  • Direct sharing functionality with (.DP) files and screenshots
  • Export directly to PTS, PTX, PTG, and PLY output formats
  • Open data from any DotProduct device
  • Send data straight from Phi.3D (2.1+) to Dot3D on your DPI-8X


Dot3D™ View

Free DP Point Cloud Viewer with viewing and measurement capabilities

  • DotProduct (.DP) file viewer and measurement tool for Windows and Android
  • Ultra-precise point-to-point measurements with adjustable endpoints
  • View 3D annotations, embedded HD photographs, and other saved edits
  • Choose from a color point cloud or image-based 3D viewing modes
  • Create easily shareable 2D image files with the built-in screenshot functionality
  • Open data from any DotProduct device: DPI-10/SR, Dot3D Pro with Intel® RealSense™, & more
  • Orthographic and perspective view modes


Dot3D™ for iOS

The complete professional 3D laser scanning application for all iOS devices equipped with built-in LiDAR

  • provides instant, accurate, and reliable 3D laser scanning directly from your iPhone or iPad Pro.
  • Large-scale scanning capabilities
  • Accurate color 3D point clouds
  • Rapid on-device processing
  • Point-and-shoot technology for easy use with minimal training
  • Direct color 3D point cloud export: DP, E57, LAS, PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG

This solution is applicable to a large variety of industries, such as forensics, crime scene analysis, insurance inspections, construction, architecture, interior design, heritage preservation, archeology, real estate, surveying, and more.


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