Bloom Technologies

A dynamic point cloud editor and collaboration tool, Bloom is the ideal solution for digital asset management and digital twin creation. Bloom combines point clouds and 3D design data for deviation analysis, clash detection, and change management in Design, Fabrication, and Construction applications. Accessible through on-premise VPNs, Microsoft Azure cloud storage, or hosted on the AWS server. Bloom is the easy way to design, validate and share scan data with the entire project team.

The Complete Design Package

  • Works with any reality capture modality
  • Create grayscale and colorized point clouds
  • Supports high compression, fast selection, drawing, and resolution density
  • Point clouds and CAD models combined by Project or World coordinates
  • Add dimensions, images, and documents to your point cloud
  • Built-in floor analysis with mark-up and measurement capabilities
  • Demo or model alternative realities using photo editing cut and paste tools
  • Animate object movements with clash detection for realistic load path planning
  • Computes deviation of point cloud to CAD or reference geometry
  • Generate reports with Excel
  • Compare as-built and design models
  • Section and dimension point clouds for BIM model updates


A web-based, point cloud viewing application that publishes laser scan data to web-ready documents for collaboration among all team members.

Content sharing solution

  • End-User Applications: Visualization, Design Review, Construction Planning, Inspection Services, Operations, and Maintenance
  • Design Review with CAD model integration, including mark-ups and measurements.
  • Animate construction sequences
  • Use the Bloom Explorer App to review a project, playback an animation, or access an RCP formatted point cloud and attach in Revit, AutoCAD or Navisworks

This powerful desktop point cloud editing and analysis tool features an innovative approach to authoring and sharing data.

Point cloud edit, analysis, and management solution

  • Point cloud editing
  • Point cloud transformation
  • Point cloud analysis, including deviation analysis, surface flatness, vessel deviation, and design validation
  • Interference and clash detection
  • Advanced applications include Load path analysis, real-time interference, equipment validation, manufacturing validation, and surface deviation mapping


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