point3D Community

A leading distributor of laser scanning technology and 360-imaging systems, point3D provides service support such as point cloud management, editing, hosting, and construction load path planning to clients throughout the United States.

Established by Greg Lawes in 2013, point3D has become an industry leader providing best-in-class 3D data capture products and services throughout the United States. Effective January 1, 2022, point3D LLC, a Limited Liability Company incorporated in New Jersey, will merge its operations into point3D Inc., a Close Corporation organized in Maryland. The move is part of the company’s critical growth plan to expand point3D Services and point3D Technology.

point3D is a single-source provider able to create individual solutions for the most challenging projects. Our experience and technical knowledge assist clients in increasing revenue streams, establishing efficient work practices, reducing project costs, and developing successful partnerships. In addition, the point3D website provides an accessible resource for support, including training, technical and purchasing assistance, reference articles, industry experience, and technology updates.

Together with its Qualified Service Partners, point3D represents cutting-edge technology resources in laser scanning, reality capture, dimensional control, and field services. Our network of specialists proficient in all industries applying 3D laser scanning technology expands the range of solutions available to our clients, delivering accurate and efficient assistance throughout the project lifecycle.

Our People

With extensive project experience across the globe in industries such as engineering, manufacturing, construction, survey, and government, point3D has the background required to assist you in delivering successful projects.


“3D Laser Scanning Technology and Services, combined with our real-world project experience, are the reasons customers rely on point3D. Our cost-effective services integrated with innovative laser scanning applications meet their project needs and solve challenging problems…”