Point cloud visualization and animation software for reality capture. Designed for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry, this application has evolved into a must-have tool for any virtual reality industry. Nubigon automatically generates 3D models of buildings and environments from laser scan data and photographs, giving the user a digital model that can create stunningly realistic visualizations.

Turn ordinary point clouds into realistic visualizations.

  • Visualize point clouds of any size at original accuracy
  • Produce videos and point cloud fly-throughs
  • Clip animations and versatile camera paths to feature design details
  • Generate high-quality visuals for multiple applications
  • Combine assets such as CAD drawings and BIM Models
  • Enrich point clouds with meshes
  • Create immersive experiences with lights and annotations
  • Explore projects using a gamepad controller for seamless navigation
  • Extract accurate As-Builts, including plans, sections, and drawings
  • Optimized for NVIDIA graphics cards


Nubigon Interior
Nubigon Site Plan
Nubigon Street


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