FARO Orbis Americas

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The new hybrid reality capture solution

The FARO® Orbis combines SLAM technology with terrestrial scanning methodologies and Flash capabilities. It features a 120m range with a relative accuracy of up to 5mm.

The compact design of Orbis, combined with real-time data feedback and advanced software automations, allows for effortless capture of high-quality data. It simplifies complex mapping and surveying tasks, allowing for efficient data collection in various industries like mining, construction and urban planning.

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Orbis Mobile Scanner ships with:
FARO Orbis scanner with integrated 360° camera
Reference base
Shoulder strap
14.8V battery & 14.8V battery charger
FARO Orbis main cable 1.5m length
Ethernet cable 1.5m length
USB memory stick
Quad Lock phone holder
Monopod with quick-release coupling and spirit leveler
1-year Manufacturer’s Standard
Shipped in a hard carry case


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