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Good choices and careful planning in advance are key to ensuring success throughout the entire project lifecycle. Our experienced professionals can help you establish efficient management practices to streamline your business, developed transparent communication with all stakeholders, and achieve ambitious client goals.


Consulting Services

point3D is a single-source provider of resources and expertise in delivering best-in-class laser scanning, dimensional control, and field services. Through our extensive Qualified Service Partner program, point3D expands the range of solutions available to clients. Our network of providers is proficient in all industries applying 3D laser scanning technology, delivering accurate and efficient assistance throughout the project lifecycle.

Clients new to 3D data capture or seeking to expand their existing range benefit from the professional consulting services and training offered by point3D. Experts in mission planning and work scope definition, our team can provide technology and implementation evaluations to develop your business standards, specifications, and procurement procedures, improving practice efficiencies. Our knowledge and experience will help you become more competitive within your industry, shorten schedules, shrink project budgets and meet growing client expectations.

For owners needing guidance in 3D laser scanning and workflow processes, point3D can act as their representative, assisting with planning and implementing new technology, quality field and plan review, client interface, project management, and outlining future maintenance or expansion. Our team works with clients throughout the United States and collaborates via the web on several international projects.


point3D Service Options

Field Services

Directly or through our Qualified Service Partners program, point3D provides the following 3D data capture and laser scanning services:

  • Construction Inspection
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Industrial Surveying
  • Digital Asset Documentation
MantisVision F6 Battleship NJ


Professional Services

Project support services for 3D data capture and laser scanning include:
3D Processing Services

  • Point Cloud registration, processing, and conversion
  • LFM dataset generation
  • Recap project creation
  • Point-cloud model optimization

3D Analysis and Modeling Services

  • 3D Modeling
  • Vessel validation and ship repair measurement
  • Deviation analysis
  • Load Path planning


Point3D provides a selection of hosting options for clients wishing to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing; these include:

  • BLOOM Cloud Portal
  • LFM NetView Project Hosting
  • LFM License Server Hosting
  • Point Cloud Data Storage


Product Support

As an authorized Value Added Reseller for 3D data capture software and hardware, point3D is the first line of support for products we represent.

Basic Product Support includes assistance with licensing and installation, usage coordination, product updates and release information, problem resolution, and expansion recommendations.

Advanced Application Product Support, designed to help businesses improve work processes and resolve problems, is for clients needing expert assistance beyond that covered by Basic Product Support.



Individual Training for 3D data capture applications and systems is available in web-based, on-site or traditional classroom formats. Training covers a variety of subjects, including equipment usage, data processing practices, collaboration tools, and storage applications.

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