FARO® Orbis Scanner

$75,000.00 USD

The new hybrid reality capture solution

The FARO® Orbis combines SLAM technology with terrestrial scanning methodologies and Flash capabilities. It features a 120m range with a relative accuracy of up to 5mm.

The compact design of Orbis, combined with real-time data feedback and advanced software automations, allows for effortless capture of high-quality data. It simplifies complex mapping and surveying tasks, allowing for efficient data collection in various industries like mining, construction and urban planning.


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FARO Orbis scanner with integrated 360° camera and reference base
FARO Orbis datalogger with shoulder strap
14.8V battery
14.8V battery charger
FARO Orbis main cable 1.5m length
Ethernet cable 1.5m length
USB memory stick
Quad Lock phone holder
Monopod with quick-release coupling and spirit leveler
1-year Manufacturer’s Standard Warranty
Shipped in a hard carry case

*Software solutions and packages, including cloud processing, are available to purchase at an additional cost. These include FARO Connect, FARO Scene and FARO Sphere.


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