AVEVA Point Cloud Manager

$2,570.00 USD

One-Year Software License

AVEVA Point Cloud Manager (formally LFM) is an advanced 3D Data Capture solution for registering, processing and visualizing point cloud data. It is simple to use and offers unrivaled performance and functionality.



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Features include:

Register or import data from all common scan devices and point cloud sources
Includes cloud-to-cloud targetless registration option
Fully supported on the secure AVEVA Connect platform for easy access and collaboration
Validate data automatically, check error values, and customize thresholds
Automatic clash detection against existing 3D models
Update datasets as often as required
Add and import asset and project intelligence, including CAD objects, information zoning, tagging, and document linking
Enhanced 3D mark-up and measurement capabilities
High quality, photorealistic, immersive 3D representation of site conditions using the HDR Panoramic Bubbleview interface
Access point cloud data from mobile devices  with online/offline operation
Export to your choice of CAD solution in 2D or 3D format
Yearly renewal

*Short Term Licenses also available


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