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point3D participated in a pilot project for a client in New Orleans to compare laser scanning technologies and data integration. Our project aimed to capture Jackson Square, in the heart of the French Quarter, in full-color 3D detail using the GeoSLAM Horizon scanner with Vision camera.

Jackson Square is an instantly recognizable landmark, getting its name from the large bronze statue of Andrew Jackson on his horse located at its center. The 2.5-acre space in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest Catholic Cathedral in the USA, hosts many of the city’s events and celebrations. It has even been used as a backdrop in several popular feature films and television shows. A popular attraction, the field team had several obstacles to navigate during capture, including street performers and wandering tourists taking pictures.

The purpose of scanning Jackson Square was to demonstrate the advancement of SLAM data and its processing capabilities. GeoSLAM data captured during this project was merged with terrestrial and mobile LiDAR data previously captured by the client. Ideal for maintaining and renovating public spaces, this technology is also an excellent solution for master planning, environmental services, and traffic management studies, all a necessity when working on notable landmarks.


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The field team quickly captured the scene using the GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon hand-held mobile scanner integrated with the Vision camera, which takes 360° panoramic images in 4K resolution. The colorized data was then registered and processed through the GeoSLAM Connect software. Connect filtering and workflow automation make removing unwanted noise, such as people in the scene, a breeze. The next step was to merge the processed point cloud data with data previously captured by the client using terrestrial and mobile LiDAR scanning equipment. Finally, the combined point cloud data was transferred to NUBIGON to create a fly-through of the park and surrounding area.  This fly-through was part of the digital report for our client.

The stunningly detailed results include embedded panoramics for a side-by-side comparison of the point cloud data to the real-life site


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Technology: Data captured with FARO Focus S350, Mobile LiDAR, and GeoSLAM Horizon. Data processed in GeoSLAM Connect software and NUBIGON. Check out our Software Solutions page on LinkedIn for the latest software updates:


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