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Create stunning Point Cloud Visualization and Animation


As a leading supplier of Laser Scanning Technology and 360-Imaging Systems, point3D believes in providing clients with best-in-class 3D data capture products and services. For the continuously evolving Reality Capture industry, point3D endeavors to expand our range of available solutions by sourcing the latest cutting-edge products. In collaboration with our clients, we aim to ensure project success, reduce costs, increase efficiency and drive business growth.


Today point3D is proud to introduce our newest product partner and innovative visualization developer:

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Initially designed for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries (AEC), NUBIGON’s visualization and animation software has changed how we interact with ordinary point clouds.

NUBIGON was introduced to the US market in late 2019 and rapidly found its place in this growing industry. Able to process massive volumes of photos and laser scan data, NUBIGON software improves workflow efficiency and delivers the tools for users to showcase their products. Its proprietary and powerful real-time render engine creates life-like point clouds while preserving the original capture data. However, its most unique feature is the ability to reveal hidden point cloud layers using the x-ray feature.

Highly versatile, visually stunning, and compatible with CAD, BIM, and mesh models. NUBIGON software will quickly become a must-have product for achieving visual and practical project goals.

Visit our NUBIGON product page or contact the point3D sales team for more information on how our technology solutions can benefit your business.



Nubigon Interior Floor Plan



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