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Glove Fit, the most advanced 3D fabrication control platform developed by Glove Systems, is a rapid and accurate, measurement and comparison tool created to manage risk, improve quality and enhance productivity. This cloud-based software solution goes beyond the limitations of conventional measurement tools allowing fabricators and project owners to detect and visualize deviations from the design in full 3D. Incorporating the latest in advanced technologies and research, Glove Fit assists fabricators in managing risk, improving quality, and enhancing productivity as they build and deliver the products and assemblies that form part of our critical infrastructure.

‘First Time Right’ Quality Control

  • Prevent construction disputes by catching mistakes before they become costly
  • Fast and easy to integrate into existing work processes
  • Perform highly detailed measurements producing a dimensionally accurate 3D Digital Twin of the as-built assembly
  • Reduce rework costs and project risk by enabling remote inspection and validation
  • Improve supply chain visibility, and eliminate the need for on-site physical inspection
  • Integrate 3D images, photographs, reports, and emails to collaborate virtually with clients and the project team on design and delivery
  • Compare components against a library of thousands of 3D models of standard parts, quickly rejecting non-conforming components


Large Condenser Assembly
Large Heat Condenser Comparison
Large Condenser Heat Map

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