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What is SphereVision Project

SphereVision Project is an intuitive software solution for linking 360° imagery with site specific information.  Document factories, industrial plants, hospitals, schools and more.

  • SphereVision Project Builder combines 360° video trails with maps, plans and layouts to produce an immersive experience.
  • The iSTAR Measurement module is included for taking measurements from NCTECH  image pairs (NCTRM). 
  • The Project suite includes a modular builder combined with easily distributable viewers.

Camera Independent


Import 360º images from various camera types. The intuitive user interface guides project creators to seamlessly create interactive routes.

Link to maps

and floor plans

Project creators link their 360º content to aerial views, maps and floor plans.

Multiple Media Types


Digital media files of site information can be linked using interactive hot spots. Media  include high res images,video, audio clips and document files.



The iSTAR measurement module delivers a rapid dimensioning solution directly within spherical imagery

What is New in SphereVision Project

The new SphereVision Project builds on previous core functionality, expanding its feature list to include Virtual Reality, Geospatial and Timelapse capture modules.
Virtual Reality
SphereVision Project now harnesses the power of VR utilizing the HTC Vive. Remote sites are easily experienced through the builder software, in addition to distributing through stand alone VR viewers.
Automatically place your 360º media on geo-referenced imagery. Import GeoTIFFs or link directly with open street map using our intuitive workflows. Geospatial metadata from many mobile and static systems is automatically extracted, ready to place and begin your project creation.


Display multiple 360º degree captures throughout a project time-line. Easily combine images into one media type, navigating through epochs to compare or store as a record of condition in time. Utilize the comparison slider to enhance this feature further.

SphereVision Player

Player360 player allows you to view and present 360 media in an easy to use and lightweight application, whether it is stills or video. The windows based player allows you to download a free version of Player360 to your desktop for demonstrating 360 content locally. Our Flash based player allows you to embed Player360 on your website for demonstrating 360 content online for all. Our iOS based version comes with preloaded 360 demo videos  but also allows you to load in external 360 content for you to view 360 media on the move.
It supports numerous display modes (360, Rectangular, and Dual/Split) for playing both 360 and regular media, interchangeably.
  • Displays both video and equi-rectangular stills
  • Supports SWF, FLV, MOV, F4V, 3GP and 3GPP video formats and PNG, JPG and BMP image formats

SphereVision project examples

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