View our Webinar: 360 Imaging for BIM, Industrial and Marine Projects

If you missed point3D's webinar hosted with NCTech and SphereVision on December 6th on 350 Imaging for BIM, Industrial and Marine Projects you can click here to view it.

This webinar focused on the NCTech iSTAR panoramic camera and its integration with Aritmetica's SphereVision for project planning, documentation and field measurement.

The benefits of using these two tools in you workflow is improved communication, remote collaboration, site documentation, reducing site visits and costs. These tools can be used in all stages of your workflow. In Planning for site and bid documentation. Through Execution for project status and site documentation. To Turnover for asset management, training, operations and maintenance.

SphereVision Project Builder allows users to create truly immersive and interactive 360 degree environments with integrated documents, plans, and layouts as well as additional visuals and audio. The ability to easily capture and share measurements from iSTAR imagery takes professional applications of 360 imaging to the next level. The NCTech Measurement Module enables iSTAR users to take measurements from directly within a spherical image by combining a ‘stereo pair’ of iSTAR images. The accurate measurements generated are valuable for applications such as construction documentation, progress monitoring, asset management and site surveys. Key benefits to these markets include iSTAR’s high speed of capture and the ability to rapidly cover large areas on-site and take measurements later. Watch the webinar to see the iSTAR and SphereVision in action.

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