point3D Back to School Webinar: LFM Server 4.4 Improves productivity for Smart 3D Users, Thursday, S

Save The Date - Thursday, September 15th from 11:00 am -12:00 pm EDT for an Informative Webinar hosted by point3D on how LFM Server 4.4 Improves productivity for Smart 3D Users. #LFM4SP3D This webinar will focus on the release of LFM Server 4.4 and the significant advancements and enhanced support for engineering solutions like Intergraph Smart 3D. LFM Software delivers unrivaled point cloud visualization, project management and user functions. Intergraph Smart 3D, advanced plant design software, is a next-generation, data-centric, rule-driven solution for streamlining the engineering design processes while preserving existing data and making it more usable/re-usable. BubbleViews: The major enhancement is the ability to integrate BubbleViews into Intergraph Smart3D allowing Intergraph users to design directly in a high-resolution, as-operating condition. This new functionality brings with it the ability to show objects in the BubbleView and import tie-ins. Project Zoning: One of LFMs strengths has always been the ability to manage an unlimited number of scans in a single project. The introduction of zoning functionality takes this point cloud management to the next level by allowing users to identify specific areas of interest as part of the project hierarchy. Unified Measurements: Improvements to user control and measurement functions enables the user to interact with any active view of the laser data in a common workflow. Users can switch between 3D, BubbleView or HyperBubble operating modes in a unified workflow. We will end with a peek at HyperBubble, the advanced-rendering technique available directly in Server that allows you to step outside of the traditional BubbleView and move freely around a project, in a more-immersive way. The webinar will feature guest speaker Glenn Dell, a 25+ year veteran of the plant industrial and shipbuilding markets, with end-user LFM laser scanning experience. Additional LFM special guest speakers will be announced in follow-up emails. To register for the point3D LFM Server 4.4 Improves productivity for Smart 3D Users Webinar at 11:00 am EDT Click Here. #LFM4SP3D For more information please contact the team at point3D. Greg Lawes, Andrew Mangini or Julie Schmitt.

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