"Laser Scanning for Validation" Webinar

If you missed our Webinar on Laser Scanning for Validation on Tuesday, March 29th you can click on the link below for the recorded version. point3D was excited to host a Laser Scanning for Validation Webinar in conjunction with partners Z+F USA, AVEVA and New River Kinematics. The webinar introduced laser scanning using Z+F LaserControl® Scout and the new 3D laser scanner Z+F IMAGER® 5010X with its unique navigation system for instant automatic registration in the field.

AVEVA introduced their latest design engineering product for marine and industrial, Everything 3D (E3D). New River Kinematics analyzed the model that was developed using E3D and exported to Step format.

Then New River Kinematics demonstrated their Spatial Analyzer application and its new ZFS laser scan import capabilities. Spatial Analyzer can be used to rapidly validate new construction and fabrication. The validation process begins with import of ZFS laser scans and corresponding CAD models imported in Step format. Spatial Analyzer Ultimate (SA Ultimate) is used for instant analysis and reporting in a visual context. To download and view the webinar Click Here For more information on Laser Scanning for Validation contact point3D at info@point3d.us.com or our partners Jeremy Clements at jclements@zf-usa.com and Bill Anderson at bill@kinematics.com.

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