point3D now a reseller for iSTAR and iris360, HDR 360 panoramic cameras

point3D Announces Reseller Agreement with NCTech

point3D, a leader in 3D capture and laser scanning technology, is pleased to announce that we are now an official NCTech Imaging reseller in the US for the iSTAR and iris360 High Dynamic Range, 360-degree cameras. The iSTAR from NCTech is a rugged and calibrated 360-degree camera designed for use within the surveying, construction engineering and architectural sectors. The industrial grade iSTAR, is a fast, fully automatic, 50 MP, 360 degree HDR camera. iSTAR has multiple applications from construction site documentation to 3D laser documentation and asset management for the engineering and commercial building. The NCTech iSTAR reality imaging systems can be used to deliver automated, colorized 3D point clouds for an enhanced user experience in applications like LFM NetView and Cyclone TruView. iSTAR photo pairs can be used with 3rdparty visual applications to take 3D measurements directly from the images. The new iris360 is a fully automatic 360-degree camera, originally designed for Google’s ‘Trusted Photographers’, now providing all the same benefits to others needing automated 360 imaging. For space designers and architects, the iris360 is a wonderful tool to document client spaces and the completed projects. iris360 can also be used to perform visual documentation for reference or inspection purposes in industrial sites, commercial premises or construction sites.


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