LFM NetView 4.0 Early Adopter Phase

Following the preview of LFM NetView 4.0 at SPAR International in April LFM

entered into an early-adopter phase.

LFM NetView 4.0 introduces tablet technology and cloud computing to the LFM suite for the first time alongside powerful mark-up functionality enabling simple and rapid aligning of operational intelligence to the laser data. The potential use cases of LFM NetView extend across multiple application areas solving engineering and operations end-user business challenges in the core industries LFM serves.

The 'early-adopter' phase involves LFM customers using beta versions of the software on their projects and providing feedback and advice on the software operation. The feedback we have received has been both positive and invaluable as we refine the product for official release later this year.

If you would like further information on LFM NetView please contact us at info@point3D.us.com

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