Reality Imaging Systems
Panoramic Camera Systems

Delivers rapid and automated high resolution spherical image capture, ideal for applications such as facility and asset documentation, RGB overlay for point cloud data and crime scene documentation. Data streaming is also possible to an internal SD card.



Capture full spherical 360º panoramic images images

Offline image stitching (single or batch)

Sensors:4 x 10Mp sensors/effective 50 megapixel output

Resolution: 10,000 x 5,000

Capture images in HDR (Up to 5 exp)

Capture images in HDR PRO (Up to 9 exp, 27 EV range)

Remote operations via WiFi using Tablet, Smart Phone or Laptop

Record full spherical 360º time-lapse sequences

GPS receivers connectivity support to record data position and location


See Technical Spec for full details

An infrared (IR) iSTAR version is available for capturing both panoramic images and 360º time-lapse in zero light conditions, with (non-visible) IR scene illumination.

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