Laser Scan 360 Gallery

The Z+F IMAGER® 5010C/X set the standard for laser scanning! An integrated camera allows high-resolution scan data with brilliant color, and HDR-technology guarantees perfect scene illumination.
LFM Software provides secure, on-demand access to laser scan data for project execution and asset management.  Tablet and Cloud enabled access throughout an asset’s project and operational lifecycle.
Presenting a hybrid laser scan viewing application, coming to you from the labs at point3D!
The gallery is made possible by the krpano application available through point3D.  It features a small and very flexible high-performance viewer for all kind of panoramic images and interactive virtual tours. The viewer is designed for the usage inside the Browser on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Mobiles/Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android...). The gallery is best experience in Chrome, or in browers supporting HTML5 and WebGL.
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