Meet the latest member of the GeoSLAM family, the ZEB-HORIZON 3D mobile scanner.

With a range of 100m, the ZEB-HORIZON is great for outdoor use, yet its lightweight and compact design also makes it perfect for indoor surveys. ZEB HORIZON is your tool to capture, process and understand the world around you.


The new ZEB-REVO RT solution – allowing you to scan & process simultaneously, as you walk.

“go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology. Handheld, lightweight and easy to use scanners that allow you to rapidly build highly accurate 3D models within minutes, while on the move. The complete solution that allows you to start mapping the world around you today.


Introducing the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO – our latest lightweight revolving laser-scanner.

Handheld, pole-mounted, or attached onto your chosen mobile platform such as a vehicle or UAV and pass through your target survey environment to record more than 40,000 measurement points/second. Fast. Simple. Mobile. Reliable.


Introducing ZEB-CAM, the optional add-on video camera

ZEB-CAM adds contextual video and imagery to your 3D scan data to aid feature identification. Simply attach the ZEB-CAM to the underside of your standard REVO unit and begin scanning. ZEB-CAM captures live video footage of your survey environment as you walk and scan. Optical flow technology is utilized to accurately synchronize the video and scan data together in GeoSLAM’s Hub software. (shown with ZEB-REVO)

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