Experience Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality is being implemented in the design and construction industries for conceptual planning, detail design, and construction of projects. Walk thru a building using a compatible VR headset, take measurements, move things around, change the light level, and look at the scale of your project. VR makes it easier to visualize and make alterations to design as you head toward construction.

VR in Practice

Model Design Review

Space Allocation and Planning

Project Collaboration

Equipment & Plant Layout 

Remote Site Walk-down

Operator Training

Pre Job Briefing

The VR Scene

There are different ways to create VR scenes depending on the application and use.  Computer generated, texture scenes can look idealistic, but what i we want to capture the real world?  We have the methods to bring the real world directly in virtual reality.  You can create your own VR experience from optimized laser scans, intelligent mesh models, and 360 videos or images.

VR Content

Bloom Optimized Laser Scan

LFM Scan Volume datasets


3D Design Models


Pointfuse Intelligent Mesh Models


NCTech iSTAR Fusion360-Images


NCTech iSTAR Pulsar 360-Video

We have tools to help you replicate your world in a virtual space.  Contact point3D to learn more and to discuss all your project needs.