SphereVision VR

Using Interactive Imagery For Training, Planning And Incident Management

The new SphereVision Project builds on previous core functionality, and now harnesses the power of VR utilizing the HTC Vive. Remote sites are easily experienced through the builder software, in addition to distributing through stand alone VR viewers.

VR Features

Interactive Imagery For Training, Planning And Incident Management SphereVision added a smoke simulation feature to SphereVision Project, to aid in training, emergency planning and incident management.

The use of commercially available VR hardware, such as the HTC Vive, also opens a new direction for 360 degree imagery. Using the SphereVision VR solution, panoramic media can be accessed by a broad range of personnel for training and planning purposes. The simple controls, means users do not require specialist IT or VR viewing skills.

Additional Application Features

Smoke Layer
User Defined Layers
HDR Compatibility
Map Layers
PDF Compatible
Media Filters
User Defined icons
Video Hotspots
Web Links
Auto 360 Hotspots