EdgeWise Building

EdgeWise Suite

Full Revit Integration Dramatically Speeds your Scan-to-Revit Workflow

  • Full integration with Revit 2012, 2013, and 2014

  • Walls, windows, doors, and other point cloud plant features are extracted automatically by advanced feature extraction algorithms and exported directly to Revit as the correct family objects. 

  • Save countless hours over creating as-built BIMs natively in Revit

  • Create a Revit deliverable up to 10-times faster than other modeling tools.

EdgeWise MEP

EdgeWise Suite

Save Time & Money While Improving Competitve Advantage

  • Import 3D MEP models directly into Revit as Revit Family objects. 

  • Via deep integration, practically eliminate the need for manual MEP modeling of pipes, conduit and round ducting in Revit. 

  • Powerful feature extraction and automated modeling technologies automatically extract pipe, conduit and round ducting from  point clouds.

  • Easy-Connect tool automatically joins MEP elements across occluded regions, where no scan data exists. 

  • Users report an average time savings of about 70% over other pipe modeling software tools.  Accurate to Millimeters

EdgeWise Structure

EdgeWise Suite/Plant Suite

The Speed and Accuracy of EdgeWise Now for Structural Steel & Concrete

  • Extract Structural Members to Correct Specifications Without Point Cloud Clipping or Cleaning

  • Accurate Structural Extraction Even from Fireproofed Steel

  • Full Integration with Revit and CAD Dramatically Speeds your Field-to-Finish Workflow

  • Extensive Catalog of Structural Components Creates an Accurate Intelligent Model

  • Robust Editing and QC Tools Allow for Fast and Accurate Finishing

EdgeWise Plant

EdgeWise Suite/Plant Suite

Create Accurate As-built and Intelligent Plant Facility Models much Faster

  • End-to-End modeling solution - automated extraction, spec-driven fitting placement, billion-point visualization, and exacting quality assurance tools  

  • Fully integrated with PDMS so the intelligent models you create can be exported to Aveva’s platform with no loss of data.

  • Extracted pipes can be exported to PCF for additional CAD support

  • Quality assurance tools verify the accuracy of every extracted pipe, ensuring that model is a precise match to the as-built condition

  • Automated modeling and finishing tools can cut substantial time compared to manual modeling workflows. Users report time savings of up to 70%

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