The 4.4 release of AVEVA LFM Server introduces an advanced visualization functionality known as HyperBubble™.  The HyperBubble™ technology enables a solid view of each laser scan in the 3D view, giving similar levels of details to that seen in the classic BubbleView but with the ability to fly through the data.
The links below are video captures of real-time HyperBubble sessions captured with TechSmith's Snagit screen capture application.  For system requirements Click Here.
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The gallery is made possible by the LFM Server 4.4 application available through point3D.  

Graphical Requirements For Walk-thrus

HyperBubble publishing and rendering requires a reasonably powerful graphics card with the very latest drivers. It has been developed using NVidia graphics cards, and LFM recommends using these where possible for optimum performance and reliability. LFM have also tested with a selection of alternate cards which are detailed below.


The minimum supported OpenGL version required is:

  • The minimum needed is v4.3.12:
  • GL Major version supported: 4 115 13: GL Minor version supported: 5 127


Supported Cards

NVidia GeForce/Quadro, or AMD FirePro W Series, with at least 1GB memory and capable of supporting OpenGL version 4.3 or later. AMD FirePro S Series should also function, but this has not been verified at the time of writing.


These captures were done on MacBook Pro systems running LFM 4.4 pre-release on Windows 10 under Bootcamp.  The systems had AMD and NVidia gaming graphic. Don't try this at home.

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